Team Is A Four-Letter Word

In this day and age, we learn to be polite. We should be kind to others. And we need to Be careful not to offend. I believe in being kind and understanding of everyone. We Are taught to be cautious in using four-letter words. Yet today I would like to speak up on the pros of those 4 letter words.

Help is a four-letter word.  I believe I am not letting any secrets out of the bag when I tell you I am a guy.  A ‘male’ if you will. And, as a male, I can tell you that guys don’t ask for help unless they have tried absolutely everything else. On occasion, you may see one of us reach for the instruction pamphlet, yet that would only happen through frustration and delirium. We believe, as a male, that we were born knowing what to do, where to go, how to get there, and everything else that we are needed to do. We think we don’t need a four-letter word like ‘help.’

Lucky for us males, there is another four-letter word. Lady. A lady reads the instructions, follows a recipe, looks up the route to be taken, either on a map or MapQuest. The lady, unlike the male, takes the time to read and understand.

It sounds as though the male and the lady are very different and totally incompatible. Yet, when they work together, they form a fantastic four-letter word. Team. And when a ‘team’ works together, it can be unstoppable.

A team can back each other up. Each member of the team brings knowledge, ability to research, collaboration, and multiplies each of our senses, providing an ability to help focus on what is needed at the moment. There is strength in the team that is not present in the individual. And, a team can better stand the floods of negativism as they work together.

So far, we have help, male, lady, and team. Four great four-letter words. There are many other four-letter words that we need to consider. Each word carries a thought that guides us to something we need. Four-letter words number in the thousands and I cannot tell you all of them on this blog. I can give you a few, though. Some of the best four-letter words might be words like care, love, feel, like, able, best, calm and fair, just to name a few.

Please let me know what your favorite four letter word is. I would be glad to share everybody’s four-letter word on the blog.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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