The Aftermath

The small skirmishes started in the mid-afternoon. Civilians who really were like mere children, not knowing how to execute a real campaign and having no idea of the barrages they would soon face.  As an observer to the melee that was about to happen, I was worried about the safety and well-being of all those who were about to start their battle for power.

The initial onset was confirmed with the pops and crackles of light ordnance.    This was the kid’s stuff really, overseen by the veterans who have had to face these actions time and time again. As the initial skirmishes grew through the afternoon, various units were reinforced with seasoned veterans of these actions.

About dinnertime, portable grills, and cook stoves were brought out to feed the troops before the events of the evening unfolded. Activities that they knew would happen. They had seen them before and knew that they would have to face them again. A little libation was used to celebrate where they had come from and their plans to be victorious this night. They just hoped and wished that everybody would still be together and in one piece in the morning.

After dinner, more types of ordnance were heard as various groups started to get anxious in anticipation, knowing that the time of action was growing nearer. The light ordnance was now beginning to grow louder, and soon, some aerial flares were added to the mixture, probing to see what might be accomplished. By the time dusk was near, several independent groups had started aerial barrages. Along with ground assaults and displays which kept everyone busy.

As dusk fell into night, government forces stepped in with the ‘Shock and Awe’ of an unbelievable aerial bombardment which went on for over a half an hour. Although one would think that alone would have been enough to quiet all the splinter groups, it was not to be. The gigantic show of force only whetted the appetite of all those ready to join the melee. Various methods for these aerial bombardments, including color, noise, and anything else they could use to heighten the senses.  Although many groups had given up the battle before midnight, some stalwart groups kept the fight going until well after one in the morning.

I inspected the battlefield the following morning. To my surprise, nothing had been burned, nothing had been destroyed, and the participating groups had even policed their own areas for debris. Thank goodness.

We have all survived another Fourth of July.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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