The Gift of Humility

One of the greatest gifts you possess and can give another is the gift of your humility.  Most people make the error of trying to impress someone they meet with all the significant accomplishments they have completed.  Often this mistake, rather than cementing a bond between two new friends, has the opposite effect, and now two competitors are trying to best each other.

The best way to achieve success with others is to tell them a little about yourself and let the rest fill in by seeing you in action.  After all, works speak so much louder than words.  Do not try to overshadow new acquaintances, work with them, and be there for them.

They will know the essential things about you when they see you in action.  How well your critical thinking skills work.  How you treat others.  And they will understand what you say about them by the way you speak of others that are not present.

When you start by bragging about yourself, you are building a wall of expectations that only a few can get over each day.  If you wait and let people learn by your actions first, you are making a super-fast communications network that will keep you connected for years.  And, yes, good communications outweighs anything you can hang on a wall.

Think about these thoughts the next time you are lucky enough to meet someone new.  Remember that some first meetings can be better than others. If an error occurs, ensure the mistake is not yours.  Relax and be yourself.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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