The Road

I believe in doing things and going somewhere.  I have a hard time with just standing still.  So, I have a question. 

Lately, a millennia-long wrong has started to be set right. Women have joined together to take a stand against gender bias and sexual misconduct in the workplace. This is an excellent thing. No one deserves to be Discriminated against for any reason nor should sexual demands or expectations play any part in business.

At some point, to thoroughly heal, there has to be a reconciliation between offenders and those offended. Therefore, I have to ask a question:

What is the road to redemption?

The reason I ask this is that until a way to redemption is agreed-upon and undertaken, the wounds will not heal. Until the wounds heal the job is only half completed.

Even worse, as the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, the accused become a minority unable to participate in the workplace. Rather than entirely righting the wrong, we end up with a new minority who face the same wrongs which they were once responsible for inflicting.

I will agree if you say, ‘This sounds like just desserts.’ And it does. I just want to mention that nothing was ever solved through history without an agreement on atonement for crimes committed, whether legal or moral.

In the atonement, recognized as the road to redemption. I am not sure I have the wisdom to know what the way is in this case. I only understand the new injustices which could be inflicted without one.

Have a good day, and I look forward to blogging again tomorrow.


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