The Tone in Our Tune

America’s always had a propensity towards violence. I believe it is a byproduct of how we came into being as a nation. We fought for our independence, and then we fought our way across the continent, from east to west, in the move to carve out this great nation. With little regret or remorse, we did what we had to do to make it happen.

In our youth, passions run high. We work towards the change we seek with the belief that nothing can stand in our way. As we age, we hopefully become wiser. With age comes critical thinking and the ability to look past the moment and understand the longer-term outcome of actions. And probably, we pass this ability on to our young.

When our rhetoric as a nation grows in passion without giving understanding to critical thinking and long-term effects, we find ourselves having problems as a community. We need to stop for a moment and consider what we are doing, and the outcome our actions could cause. Are we considering what we say? And, does what we say lead others to a favorable long-term result?

We do not have to live in a pressure cooker of violence. We can turn down the steam. All we need do is turn ourselves away from the heated rhetoric. It does not take everybody doing it at once, at the same time; it only takes one or two people to start. The first time you change the rhetoric from hot to cool you may not get a positive reaction. Yet the harder the response, the better the indication you’re on the right track. Maintain your Calmness and others will pick up the change in direction. As more people turn from heated rhetoric to calming clear thinking, the pressure cooker will lose steam, and worst destruction can be averted.

Think of this the next time you’re about to produce a wisecrack or a belittlement. There is always somebody watching and somebody listening no matter how private a moment you think you have. You hold the ratchet in your hand. Are you going to ratchet up or ratchet down the rhetoric?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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