Time to Do Something

I have always had more than I could handle on my plate.  I grew up believing that if I could, I should.  Therefore, I was always up to my neck in alligators trying to drain some metaphoric swamp or another.  I ever wished I had time to concentrate on just a few things and get them done, rather than chasing from one forest fire to another.

Now, I have some time.  It looks like I have a couple of weeks, at least.  I am sad for the reasons I have it (the virus), yet I do have some time I sorely need.  I can clean the house, redo my files, filled with items going back 30 years.  Read a little, and maybe paint some.  I cannot believe I painted the pictures in my office 20 years ago. 

How did I spend my first day of home improvement?  Tearing out all the files and putting them in folders on the floor.  I also snuck out to a store for supplies and put up new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Decent start.

The idea that I am hoping to pass on is that in everything, there are opportunities. Although we have been given a forced 2-week holiday under dangerous conditions, we should find what good we can. We can provide our best for ourselves and our families.  And, if possible, without endangering ourselves, do something great for those around us.

The virus is terrible in many nations, and we pray that it passes for those people quickly.  I also hold hope that our danger also ends soon, and we can get back to our regular routines.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#Ihaveacoupleofweeks #thatourdangeralsoendssoon #wishedIhadtime


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