Time to Stretch

We are built, as a nation, to be a beacon on the hill, destined to be a shining light to help others find the goodness within each person. We are a nation, built as the model giving other countries something to strive to become.  As we look around now, the question becomes, are we still that light, or has our beacon been blocked by smoke and ash?  It is a tough question, and yet, one we have to ponder.

When our citizens are in the street, literally risking life and health to do so, we must ask why.  We are not talking a few malcontents, instead hundreds of thousands protesting in every major city.  From celebrities to politicians, to the backbone of our nation, everyone sees the outrage and the need for change.

When we have the largest outbreak of a world pandemic, something is wrong.  It did not start here, we knew it was coming, and yet we were struck hard.  Many third world countries did better than us in identifying the need for action and putting it in place, being able to save thousands of their citizens. Why didn’t we?

 I am not writing this to complain.  I am not a believer in tossing the baby with the bathwater.  I do believe in stopping to take account every once in a while.  I think making many minor course corrections is better than making one massive course correction.

I am also not saying anyone should expect anything to be handed to them. We are born without a contract or any guarantees in life.  It is up to every one of us to find our way and eventually help with our offspring finding their way also.  If we find happiness, that is great.  There was probably hard work involved to obtain that happiness. 

We each need to do our best for ourselves, our children, and our destiny.  Too many think they are to be given something because of something from their past.  Not true. What they have is the right to the ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’ There is no guarantee either explicit or implied.

What you get in life depends on you and your skills.  Your skills including smart planning, thriftiness, hard work, a little luck, and never taking your eye off your dream.  Can you do this?  Some have and have gone far.  Can you wait for it to come to you? Too many, wait and find themselves with little or none.  If you want the brass ring, you will need to stretch.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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