Time to Think

We are in a battle for lives, ours, and the lives of those we know and love.  We need to stay hunkered down in our abodes, separated and safe.  The isolation gives us time to think.  And, time to think, if left on its own, can be a fearful experience. The mind, wondering without direction, will develop its own scenarios.  Some types of thoughts that might seem real are only a culmination of the tribulations we imagine.

I would like to propose we give our minds diversions which we monitor.  True, streaming our favorite entertainment can do this.  The problem is that outside stimulus only reaches so far.  The brain will grow bored with it.  I recommend we put the mind to work and see what it can do for us.

We might take a look at what interests us, and how we can make an item, process, or new invention better.  Is there a way of doing something that would change lives for the better?  What is the next gadget that will be in demand? How can you save your neighbors’ time, money, or work?  How are you going to help make the people want to exert to be more fit?

If you only had the time?  I think we have it.  If you only could do some research? On the web. If you only had some people to help?  Friends on social apps.  If you only had an idea? Run a focus group on a group chat or video conference.

We find ourselves in a strange state.  For all that is going wrong in the world right now, we can reach out and help one another.  We do this, not with a physical presence. Instead, we meet with the virtual realm we have built to bring us closer together.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#canbeafearfulexperience #giveourmindsdiversions #wecanreachout


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