Time Wasters and Accelerators

There are more time wasters out there then you could ever imagine. Luckily, there are also some fabulous time accelerators that allow you to do so much more in much less time. Today we look at some of our biggest time wasters. And, I am afraid a few of them may shock you. After all, although work is good, it is not meaningful if you’re just doing something for someone else, and even worse when you pay someone else to do so.

The worst time-waster is worrying about the past. First off, you can’t go back and change the past no matter how hard you try. Also, you are only remembering your big picture of your history, which is actually only a tiny sliver of what was going on. And to make matters worse, you remember a memory of the past and not the real thing. All this put together means spending a whole lot of time fretting over nothing. If you are not happy with your memories and you want to do something about it, quit looking behind you and focus on where you are now. That’s the place you can change things and do better. If you’re going to use the past, use the lessons as a guide stick to making the present better.

The next biggest mistake is worrying about the future. You don’t know what’s going to happen yet.  Worrying about something that hasn’t happened means you are concerned about something that may not ever exist. And unfortunately, there is not a lot of time savings in doing that.

If you want to do something useful and productive, work for today. Don’t worry, work. You get things done if you work at them. Worry never accomplishes much.  All worry ever does is give you grief.  

Be careful not to spend your time doing someone else’s job. This happens more often than you think. You meet someone online who has courses for sale, and they talk you into taking one. They make it seem like they have all the answers to your real needs. Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself two-thirds of the way through the course and asking the question, ‘Am I learning what I need to learn from this course, or am I just learning what this person wants to teach me.’ Worse yet, you are probably paying this person, and in doing so, you are doing the job for him, or her. The real job is to get people to pay to take that course. And sure enough, that’s what you’re doing. Always ask yourself will this course give me something I need so that I can do better.

So how do we save you time? Unfortunately, we can only give you a few hints for using time better. Something that takes more than 20 minutes during your day should be giving you something back.  If you’re playing games for hours at a time on the iPad, what are you really accomplishing? I put on a few games from time to time, and when I realize what’s going on, I usually take them all off.

I find that getting the timing right is a never-ending struggle. If I plan my time using a schedule, I usually do better than standing in the middle of the room and trying to remember what’s next. If I have a shortlist of what to do with the time as it shows up, I can use the extra 15 or 20 minutes that pops up here or there. Is it easy? Well, it’s not hard. I just have to take a daily look at where I am, and where I am trying to go.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow

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