Today Is The Day

Today is the official kickoff of my new course on Thinkific. ‘Mapping Your Future’

‘Mapping Your Future’ is a great course which helps you to explore where you want to go as you transition throughout life.

Transitions happen many times during the person’s life. Sometimes because the job requires you to transition to somewhere new. Sometimes it is because you want to do or try something new. Sometimes, it happened, not because you want to, instead because of something beyond our control. The end of high school, or college graduation. Going into or out of incarceration. Retirement sneaks up upon us. Because a factory or another workplace closes. Sometimes, we need to move on, and we have to stop and plan what we should do next, and where that may take place. We need to think of what it will cost and accomplish and the research that is necessary to achieve a successful transition.

This is not a course to just talk about things. You can talk about things with anyone. This course assists in coming up with solid plans and guides you with tangible action items which include:

  1. Deciding what you want to do.

  2. Researching your next endeavors in life.

  3. Finding and utilizing mentors and supporters.

  4. Understanding the milestones and goals to get to where you want to be.

  5. Developing a physical map of your milestones, goals.

This course comes with many benefits:

First, it is a pilot course which means you have more one-on-one and group time with me to make suggestions, share information, and so I can better assist you.

Next, once you have had this course, you are welcome to come back to it any time you wish. I plan to always have the course here for you to use when you need it. You will also get to see updates to the course as they come out.

The course comes with a Facebook group where all the students can get together along with myself, and we can talk about many things share ideas and discussions, have one on one and group meetings and work together to obtain mutual goals.

If you have a spouse or significant other, they get to join you in this course for free. This extends to your immediate family.

The costs that you pay for this course will be subtracted from the next course you take with me. If you like to take courses and are interested in any that I create, this is $197 bonus.

I do not believe in offering you something for free, just to turn around and pester you every day to buy something that I don’t even know if you want to or not. When I offer something, I suggest it to everyone at the same time and if the attachment is something you wish,  download it.  You do this before you ever give me any way of contacting you. Therefore, you will not be receiving a daily or weekly funneled email from me. If you would like the monthly newsletter, I would be glad to put you on that list.

I wish to thank those reading this article. Some of you are new to my courses and training, and some of you are loyal friends and acquaintances.

To sign up for the course, Please, just click Purchase Now.


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