Want to Be Younger?

It’s a silly question, everyone at one time or another would like to be younger. Time is relative, so there is your actual age and the age that you present at. I had known some people who honestly looked to be about forty when they were in their seventies. I also know some people in their fifties who look like they’re in their late sixties or early Seventies.

Your genes play a role in this, as does your environment and your disposition. More than anything else is activity. You want to stay young? Stay active.  Activity keeps the joints moving, the mind functioning, and spirits soaring.

There is a point at which we as humans feel the desire to sit back and let things ride. When you hit this point the decision is yours. I do challenge you, though, to think back to your younger days when you could let things ride. When you were going places at a younger age, and you allowed things to ride with the momentum, could that be because you were sledding down a hill? I used to take my bike to the top of a large hill and ride down it, just coasting along and letting it ride.

Does this mean that if we want to stay young or at least have the appearance of being younger we have to work at it? Well, aren’t the best things in life worth working for?

Just one man’s thoughts.

I look forward to writing again soon.

#beactive #stayyounger

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