We All Have a Job to Do

We are in a terrible pandemic, and it is as bad as some movies made of such things.  Although we are in trouble, we are better now than when the world found itself caught in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.  Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We have better communications to understand what is going on around the world. Some nations may put up false fronts, wanting to look better then they are, yet that does not last for long.  Some wish to hoard vital necessities and try to make a profit on the suffering of others.  Yet, we will know who and how to handle them in the long run.

Like the plagues that have decimated us for eons, this, too, will do its evil and be eradicated.  We have the technology, and we have the tools.  What we need to do is have the will to work in unison for the good of all.  Finger-pointing and laying blame are actions for armchairs and later consideration.  We do not want to be the generations that could have stopped an evil yet were too busy debating and complaining to do anything of substance.

I know that if we work together, there is nothing that can stand in our way, protecting ourselves as our work is vital.  When we sacrifice our health, we are not martyrs; we are the source of infection to unsuspecting others.  If we ignore what is advised by our medical community, we are not individualists; we are the problem.

We must take this seriously to survive.  There are no medals for having been there, only those who survive and those remembered.  Please, be a survivor.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#beasurvivor #thereislight #wewillknow


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