We Are Doing It Again

Yesterday I told you that I was not a big proponent of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. And yet there is an even larger cry to defund police departments and go in other directions. My question is, “What are you going to do?”

 Who is going to stop people from breaking into stores? Perhaps that would require hiring protection?  Maybe we will need to appoint block captains to do safety and wellness checks.  If we hire enough state troopers to stop speeding and road rage, will the problems go away or just change jurisdiction? Are we all going to need to hire private security firms to protect our homes and families?

Some people in Police Departments have made some vast and horrendous failures to protect the people they serve; there is no doubt about that.  And yet, many terrific people in police departments try hard and are the cause of good things happening daily. I know it’s hard to see the quiet goodness when we have the atrocities shoved in our faces.

Yet, we may want to put trained review boards in place run by the local citizenry.  Review all personnel records and interview each officer to ensure they have earned their place in the department and are the people we want there.  And Replace those who are not genuinely qualified candidates.  We need a reliable and responsible policing agency to protect our businesses, ourselves, and our families.  What we do not need are those who think they can wield life and death at their discretion or those who need to make the right call.

We must understand that many policemen and women are there to do the right thing and help.  We need to encourage those first responders to take a stand for what is right.  And we need to understand that, as the citizenry, we must oversee the protectors.

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