We Held an Election

We held an election yesterday. I think most people were glad, and many participated in the election. Many more voted than in the same type of elections held in past years. Some people liked voting for their candidates or weighing-in on new tax proposals. I am sure that many more were happy to see the end of the political ads and robocalls.

One of the things that I enjoyed about the election was that there was no blue wave or red take over. Everybody got to vote, and there were winners and losers on each side. Some power shifts, yet proof that democracy stands. This means that as we move forward, America has to do the one thing it has done better longer than any other country on earth. We have to communicate, collaborate, and work together towards common goals to move our country forward.

Sometimes you hear gripes and grumbles about elections and how they have a tendency to interrupt our lives. And yet they are the most important thing we have. So to help the legislators, the judiciary and the executive branch, I would like to give them a response we used in the military when someone complained to us.

When somebody comes up, and complains to you about your chosen profession and why ‘this’ has to happen, and ’that’ has to be, all you have to do is smile and ask them a few questions. And, the discussion will probably go something like this.

Questioner: Why blah blah blah blah I hate it.

You:  I certainly understand and respect your concerns. Have you gone to the market lately and bought cereal?

Questioner: Yes

You: Was there only one type of cereal and they were almost out of it, or a whole aisle with various brands of cereals for you to choose from?

Questioner: Most of an Aisle, Lots of brands to choose from.

You: And, the last time you voted did your block leader come down and walk you to the polls and make sure you voted for whoever they told you to vote for?

Questioner: no

You: You’re welcome

We wish luck and good fortune to all those who have been voted into office.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#Democracy #Freedom #YourWelcome

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