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We want to grow our business. We want to make our business one of the best in its field. We want to see our business grow and do well. We love our company. So, what are we doing for our business? How are we making our business better?

Some owners will throw money into a business, buying a lot of advertising and gimmicks. Some will try to give everything away for free, and others will charge $20,000 for the honor of working with them for six months. Unfortunately, none of this is the key to growing your business.

You were not born with your full height and weight. All your teeth in and a fully developed brain are not part of the original package. You started off very small with not much of anything, really. You learned very fast you had to count on others. And in your first year of life, nobody handed you a checkbook and credit card. Yet you survived, you grew, and you learned. And I am willing to bet you turned out pretty good.

Your business is the same. You have to start off just as an idea. The idea actually grows into something small, and it takes a lot of nurturing from yourself and others. You will learn, and that knowledge will help to grow the business. The best companies that stay the longest are not the overnight sensations that skyrocket to the top. They are the ones who take the time to cultivate and satisfy their customers.

The hotshots looking for a fast buck would call this old school. We probably know this as growing a good business. There is work involved, but there are also exciting outcomes.

You want to avoid negative incentives. Money is a negative incentive. If you get something for free, you want to get everything for free. If you are charged a high cost for the product, you are wondering if you’re getting gouged. Trying to woo a customer based on prices and expenses is a negative incentive. Try to avoid getting caught in that situation.  Instead, focus on all the help you give the customer in exchange for a fair cost.

Try to build a business on positive incentives. Your customer’s knowledge that you are there for them. That you will do what it takes to satisfy the concerns they have. The mere fact that you’re there and not hiding after the sale plays big. Checking up on the customer, offering advice, working to make things right, are the steps that you take towards owning a company with a good reputation that people want to do business with. Those people would gladly tell their friends about the company and what it could do for others.

Don’t take my word for this, go out and try. Trying something is the only way you know if it is right or not.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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