What Can You Do?

We all have things we enjoy doing, and we do well.  We also have tasks that we have to do, and yet we hate.  My question for today and this week is, “How do you arrange your work so that you have more time doing the tasks you enjoy, and less time doing the tasks you hate?”

I can see the eyes rolling and people tiptoeing to towards the exits already.  Yet I am asking you to hold on and let me make my case.  There are actually many ways to lessen the load of work you hate to do.  Today I would like to show you a couple of those ways.

The easiest way to avoid the work you hate is to have someone else do it for you.  As you grow in a company, you have others working for you.  You can have one of them do the task for you.  Not there yet? Workers will trade assignments, so they can avoid an unpleasant task.  Need other ideas?

At home, you can hire someone to do the task for you.  Professionals usually do a better job, and you find the price is often worth it. If you don’t have the price for the tasks you required to be done, don’t worry. If someone does something that you need to do, they may need help with something that they despise, and you prefer. Rather than trading money, you are trading task completion. I am willing to believe that you find trading tasks better than trading money. Check to see if there are any co-ops in your area which trade tasks rather than cash.

Tomorrow, we will talk about other ways to do the things you like and avoid some things you do not. As I give you these ideas, I must tell you that we don’t get to prevent doing everything we hate in life. Some things will sneak up on us when we are least expecting them. We must always be on the lookout and wary of such events that life sometimes holds in store for us.

For now, I want to thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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