Where Are You Going

There’s a question I’d like you to consider.  How do you know where you’re going? Have you set a goal as to where you want to be in the future? Have you started down that path? Are you moving towards your goal?

I did not ask you if you were going, believe it or not, you are always going somewhere. Time stops for no one. You’re either heading towards a goal you want to be at, or you are drifting, which can take you in any direction. But trust me, you are moving forward, just maybe not in the direction you thought you were going.

Even if you have mapped everything out, done your homework, and talked with all the experts, there is a significant tendency to drift once you are underway. To minimize your drift and ensure you are on the road to what you want, be sure to take timely measurements along the way.

Just as sailors would use a sextant and a clock to measure their latitude and longitude going from one port to another, you can take similar measures. You can look for an occurrence of new ideas sweeping into your goals to see what is new and possibly pushing you off your course to where you want to be. You may want to check current charts to ensure that your unique goals need the knowledge and abilities which you are gathering along the way. It is always better to learn early when you need to know something new, then to arrive there like yesterday’s news.

Taking checks is as easy as reading trade papers, watching YouTube’s on the subject, talking with friends and experts, and keeping your head up, looking for new innovations. New innovations usually make things easier, not harder, so it’s good to know they are there and how they work. And remember, the sooner you learn something new, the more time you have to practice it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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