Why Not

We often ask Why. If you saw yesterday’s blog, the entire thing was devoted to the question of why.  Today is a little more challenging.  Today I invite you to ponder the question, “Why not?”  Do you often ask this question?  I mean in front of others.

It is hard when someone tells you that something cannot be done, that there is no hope, or that something has to be done a certain way merely because it is tradition.  What makes this phrase worse is that the person you say it to thinks you are challenging them, personally.  When this happens, emotion spills into the room and the conversation. 

You want to avoid emotion if you are trying to make a correct business decision. Passion may point out some needed truths. Unfortunately, emotion can lead to ire and hurt feelings.  And hurt feelings can definitely cause good desires to go sideways.

You should keep emotion out of business.  If you can do so, write and tell me about it.  You would be the first person I have ever known to actually do so.

Just because something is hard to accomplish, that does not mean we should not try.  Why not at least try.  New discoveries are going on all the time.  Maybe we could help set a new precedent.  Why not.

Maybe we could help others to find new ways of learning, teaching, discovering, and enjoying life through new ideas.  Maybe the unsolvable problems would be seen in a new and more understandable light.  And, possibly good could come from different views.  Why not?

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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