You Are A Good Person

Before we go off for the weekend, the mean old Master Sergeant only has one question for you, “Are you a good person?” And of course, when a mean old Master Sergeant looks you in the eye and asks that question, there is only one answer that is acceptable. “Yes Sergeant.”

It is the only acceptable answer because it’s the only correct answer. How do I know? I spent years teaching people and helping people with resumes. When I first started, I had people who were feeling dejected and not worthy of a new job. They felt sad and beat up. I even thought I heard a snore or two from the back of the room. There is only one way to pull someone back from that state. You have to remind them of what their fundamental being is.  And, all things being equal, people are good.

How do I do that? This is how. If you doubt your answer, the correct one is, “Yes Sergeant.”

  1. Sergeant: Are you a good person?

  2. Answer: “Yes Sergeant.”

  3. Sergeant: I cannot hear you are you good people?

  4. Answer: “Yes Sergeant. (Louder)”

Now I hope you see how this goes.  I will put in the Master Sergeant part, and you know how to answer.

  1. If they give you a job will you work hard at it?

  2. Will you give them your best?

  3. You are good people, aren’t you?

  4. OK tell employers on your resume?

If you ever start to doubt yourself, stand in front of the mirror and ask and answer these questions.  If you have something to add, do so, and keep the question and answer positive to you.  If you share added questions with us in the comments, then others can benefit from your additions.  Then, you are even a better person.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.

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