You Are A Leader

Wherever you are in life, you are following some people, and you are leading many others. It doesn’t matter if you are the head of the company or a runner in the Shipping Department. You may not realize this, but you were doing this your whole life. And, you will probably always hold a leadership role Throughout your life.

The reason that you hold this leadership role is that we all look up to those above us. Three-year-old’s look up to six-year old’s For informal guidance based on what the six-year-old is doing. The six-year-old is looking at the 12-year old, and the 12-year old is looking at other role models that are now in high school. Don’t look for an organizational chart on this, it is all informal behavior.

The same thing happens in any organization. The new hires look at those who they work with and have been with the organization longer. Supervisors look for managers and other supervisors who have more seniority. And so on and so on all way up and even into the board room.

You are a leader, whether you want to be or not. The question becomes, what are you teaching those who are watching you? An excellent issue because no matter what you do, you’re teaching them something. Are you going to teach them things, ideas, and techniques that will help them grow and do well? Or are you going to show him what may be wrong actions that will get them in trouble?

Consider this. Every time you sneak off during afternoon shop cleaning, you are teaching them that they can do the same. When you or half an hour late getting back from lunch, you’re telling them that that’s OK. When you are sloppy at work habits, they figured that’s OK for them. No matter who you or where you are, or what you are doing, someone is learning.

If you were to stay during the Friday afternoon cleaning and talk about team and togetherness and we’re all in it together what do you think you’d be teaching those who are looking up to you? When you do the right thing even if it affects you a little in the wrong way, you’re teaching them to stay true to the tenets of the teams’ core beliefs. When you go out of your way to do something good for someone, it is noticed, and because you did it, the good deed may be repeated time and time again and passed down from team to team.

You need to consider these things as you think and act. After all, you’re not just acting for yourself you’re working for all those who look up to and follow you whether you’re in a position of authority or not. What are you going to be teaching those who follow you?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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