You Never Know

We always seem to worry about how well we are doing. We want to know what we could’ve done better, should have done faster, and would have worked better if we had done it differently. It sends people scurrying to their cell phones to find answers. Yet, the cell phone answers may not be as correct as you think.

Before the tremor turns into a real ruckus over ‘what you mean Mike,’ these are great ideas from smart people who know everything, let’s take a minute. Yes, many people who post on the Internet are intelligent. They tend to know something about the things they write on. And if you aren’t sure where to start, these are great resources. However, each situation is different. The knowledge they dispense may only be partially correct for any given circumstance.

Each situation is different, and therefore each solution will probably be a variant of anything suggested. The only real advice that is usually 100% accurate is to assess the situation and do your best to act accordingly. As long as you’re out there giving your all to help find a better solution, no one can condemn you for not doing your best.

When the woulda’, coulda,’ shoulda’ chorus shows up, just have them take a step back and save the vocals. If they want to help, they can lend a hand, not a tongue.  I know this sounds harsh, yet for all their vocal offerings, how many have actually been in your situation with your specific needs. 

Those who have been in the hole you presently find yourself in are the ones you need to talk to. Those who will work with you to find a way out of a rut you are in are the ones you want to work with.  Although these guides will not do it for you, they cannot, they will work with you, and you are the one who is actually getting yourself out of your problems, with their guidance.

Do not beat yourself up and do your best not to second-guess yourself. The truth is if you’ve been there before you know what’s needed. If you have not been there before you do not understand what is required.  If you do not see an answer, you research and learn. And, you ask questions of those you know who have been through the concern in the past.  Yet, your best knowledge will be earned through trial and error.

You can never beat your self up for doing the best you can.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

#Donotbeatyourselfup #mayonlybepartiallycorrect

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