Your Destiny

Are you on an adventure?  Most of us are, whether we want to admit it or not.  What makes our lives an adventure? We want to do something, go somewhere, or end up in some location doing specific things and living life to a particular style.  Why is this an adventure?  Good question.

Our lives are adventures because although we know what we would like to do, we may not understand all the hurdles of procuring what we need and getting to where we want to be.  The biggest problem is that the future is continuously changing, and no one can tell you what is actually going to happen.  Side note: If you can actually see the future, I need the winning numbers for the upcoming Saturday Powerball.

We can guess at the future. We can use what has happened in the past as a stepping off point for the future.  We can watch what others are doing and pattern ourselves after them.  Yet there are no guarantees.  The best hope we have is to choose our path and walk it with our head on a swivel looking at the terrain and knowing when we see something different so that we can adjust as needed.

With Artificial Intelligence on the rise, we do not even know if the career we are working in will be accomplished by humans.  Even life coaching has a chatbot on your phone to help you.  I prefer the human to human experience.  At least we can better relate to each other.

The only thing worse than going off into the future with no plan is not to go at all.  We each have our own destiny, and we must each face it, head-on.  The best thing is that if we work at what we want, we will probably do okay.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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