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Go forth and do. It is a statement that is echoed time and again throughout the centuries. It means don’t just talk about it, make it happen. These statements remind us that talk is often an endless loop. We are also reminded that actions are much rarer and harder to accomplish.

Win, lose or draw, those who have set out in action to accomplish something are people of the same mettle. That is because these are the people who have moved from talk to action. Also, these are the people who work to move us forward as a people.

It is not the easy-going person that accepts life as it is who positively changes the world. It is the person who sets out to do something, and when everyone is asking why, he or she is asking why not. And his or her question will stay that way until the problem is solved or the person cannot find the answer and yields to fate.

Does this mean you should wake up one morning, decide that the sky should be green rather than blue, and immediately go tilting at windmills? No. Every journey starts with the first step. I believe that each step should be researched.

I belong to the Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society. We believe through knowledge you can find power.  Researching gives you the knowledge to go forth and change things for the better.  This not only helps you, but it also helps all those who will use and benefit from your innovations.

If you feel you need information, get your information from credible sources. If you aren’t sure what constitutes credible sources, look at the research. The first thing you want to see in the study is who paid for it. Was the analysis performed in the intent of pure research? Or, was research on the consumption of a product paid by those who make or own the product? Research is a great tool. Just don’t accept analysis developed for or by the person who’s trying to sell you the product.

Remember to talk a lot with the customers of whatever you are making or changing.  If it is needed and wanted, you might do well.  If you cannot find customers and clients interested in whatever you want to build, you may want to consider if it is the best use of your time.  You are going to need customers for sure and most probably backers.

You can do whatever you are willing to put enough time and work into.  If it is something that people want, you may go far.  I have to tell you though, no matter what anyone says, there are no guarantees in life.  Work-wise.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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